When to Wear (or Not Wear) a Utility Kilt

The short answer to that question is “all the gosh-darn times”, but it wouldn’t make a good blog article. Let’s dig deeper into the world kilts and male fashion, and then talk about when it is appropriate to use a utility kilt.

Instead of wool, a utility knife is made out of heavy-duty cotton. It can be worn in many different patterns and colors, making it versatile. The Camo kilt isn’t appropriate for every occasion, but you wouldn’t want it to be the “THAT GUY” at your wedding.

1) Casual Wear

It’s casual. Call it casual.

Because comfort is key, casual wear has no limits. Your Adidas Ultraboosts (we don’t have this kilt) can be worn with your Electric Neon Orange Utility skirt or flip-flops. Your only limitation is the common fashion trends, but let’s face facts: we’re not wearing kilts. Lol. We can only say that solid neutral colors like Tan, Black, and Brown can help you find more compatible shirt colors.

2) Wear your work wear

You can use this tool to do woodwork in the garage, fix your car or take a hike. The utility kilt looks great here. You don’t need to sacrifice utility for your chosen activity if it is essential. You should prioritize function over form when choosing workwear. Dress for the activity. You should also apply sunblock to your skin if you plan on going outside. Just a friendly reminder.

3) Smart Casual Wear

Smart Casual is a more formal version of casual wear. It’s a sophisticated, elevated version of your casual wear. For a more sophisticated look, combine your Utility kilt in neutral colors with a shirt and add a jacket or long-sleeved shirt such as chambray.

4) Business Casual

Wait …. Are Smart Casual and Casual different?

Yes. Let’s be honest. While business casual looks smart and casual, they should still look professional. As if you were going to the office, but don’t need to wear a suit. Do you think you would go to work wearing your Metallica or Dragon force tshirt with a blazer on top? It’s not my opinion.

When a suit is not necessary, business casual is the new norm in offices. A sweater, perhaps a blazer, and a neutral-colored utility knife kilt work well scottish outfit in a less formal setting. For a shirt that matches, a classic Oxford would be a good choice. Shoes Shoes such as boots and sneakers will not do. Look for smarter footwear such as brogues, loafers or derby shoes in matte-leather.

5) Business Formal

Okay, now let’s move into formal territory.

This level of dress code requires more than a button-down shirt. Business formal is for events and meetings at corporate offices. Business formal is designed to be stylish, smart, and most importantly, easy. You need to dress business casually. You might choose a dark-colored, notch levee suit. If you are forced to wear a plaid kilt or a tie, make sure it matches your suit jacket. A subtle or printed shirt is better. You can save the louder ones for business casuals. For footwear, your standard Oxfords will be fine. Accessories should be simple. A leather sporran, and a kilthose are good options. Simple is key here.

6) Cocktail Attire

This is the dress code to wear for parties and evening events.

Business formals are no longer subtle. You want to make a statement and not blend in. A slim-fit suit jacket will look great with your utility knife. Cocktail suits should look modern and be suitable for nighttime. There is a distinction. Modern cocktails suits tend to be darker and have more sheen. You don’t have to use the same fabric for your utility kilt, but I do expect you to match the suit jacket’s color. A polished shirt, dress shirt, polished heels, a slim tie, perhaps a pocketsquare. A kilt would complete the look. A kilt to a party is the best way to make yourself stand out.

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