Tile and grout cleaner

tile and the grout cleaner

It is quite common for tile and the grout cleaner to become dirty and stained. Now if you have tiles in the bathroom, kitchen, entry way, laundry room and other places, then you have your task cut out. There is no doubt that tiles and grouts have a tendency to get dirty and stained over time. Most of the grout materials used in homes are porous in nature. This leads to the grout as well as the tiles spotting, staining and acquiring dirt. If you delay in cleaning the stain, it will attach itself firmly with the tile surface and make it difficult to remove the stain.

The ceramic tiles

The ceramic tiles render an elegant appearance to bathrooms and kitchens. However, they also have a tendency to stain and become dirty. Keeping them spot and stain free is a tough job. If there is a small leakage in the grout or if there is a crack along the corners of the faucet, the spotting and staining would only become fast. In such situations you need to stop the leakage first, before proceeding with application of tile and grout lines. You should ensure that no more there is a crack or leakage of water. If there is a leakage, it would show on the grout. So check the grout for any leakage. If leakage is still there small or big, fillit up with new paste.

How to clean up the grout

Cleaning the tiles and grouts clean is a tough job. You need to regularly scrub the grout lines with a Tile and grout cleaner. Such cleaners have an acidic nature and that is why they can remove stains and spots on tiles as well as clean grout lines with ease.

Maintenance of tiles

There are some niceties of maintaining the tiles and grouts in your house too. If you are staying in an area which is prone to snowing, you must leave your shoes at the door. This is needed since people in snow fall prone areas use shoes with liquid or salt deicers. These deicers are helpful for walking, but can be harmful for the tiles. Also, you should not wear shoes to your home, if you have just come back from the beach. Dry sand can scratch the hard surface of tiles and render any effort at reinvigorating the look futile. If you are using rugs to cover softer areas in the interior of your house then do make it a point to use non-skid pads and not the area rugs. This is because the area rugs have a hard backing. This may be quite abrasive in nature and rub against the tiles. On the other hand the non-skid pads don’t have such backings and are therefore good for the floor. If you wet clean the tiles, make sure to dry up the area fast. This will prevent the tile from resoiling. You may not spot the soil, yet it may be there and give rise to stains and spots. If you find even a small stain use a Tile and grout cleaner to remove the stain fast.

Author: Kenzi Turner