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Supplement G

If you can’t afford to pay the price of the best in the market then consider working with the second best i.e. Supplement G. This plan ensures every step as that of Supplement Plan F except Medicare Part B deductible which a government is supposed to provide up to 80%. This will ensure that if there are things that a patient can’t cover then this plan will allow them to have it.

Supplement Plan G costs less than that of the Plan F and we like to conclude that it is better this way. People although are crazy for things that are not supposed to be theirs but they will have it eventually if they spend money on it. Like for example in the US there is a law first come first serve no matter how high the person is but he will not get it unless he isn’t in the line first. So, there was a case in the US when a high official was shot in the kidney and his kidney got ruptured so he was in a line to get a kidney transplant but before him there was another person. So, the person before him gets the kidney and he die eventually. This is the system we like to prevail although we will provide you every benefit you demand the country will take of your medical needs as well they will provide you with medical health card which is able to work in every place across and in the foreign of the country.

All the doctor needs are to enter the pin and he will get the patients’ medical history. Now as we have said before the medical insurance companies are mandatory to take care of us if we haven’t found ourselves in a position to help us. As we know we when get sick don’t know what to do unless to go and see a doctor and eventually, he might help us to get better.

Now as the corona virus is prevailing and businesses are shut these days people don’t have any money then tell us the person who is getting a ventilator to be treated on are the ones who make sure to have their insurance covered i.e. if needed they will be treated privately but they will get the medical care they needed why is that because they were paying up there whole lives to a medical insurance company and when the time comes they have to provide them with all the benefits they can to get their person better.

Supplement G a best plan for a middle-class person:

Most of the people in our society are working class people. They get to job, they do hard work and at the end of the day they get their earnings so tell us in such a time how can someone spare something that big of an amount to cover his expenses for the medical dues. He can’t, right? So, the thing that he must do is to make sure to provide them something on a monthly basis so that when the time comes, he has some savings at that time to support him in the crisis times.

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