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Kayak is getting popular day by day and sooner or later I hope that many countries will start participating in the Olympic via this sport i.e. this will become the specialty. The reason for this water sport gaining popularity is that it trains our whole body i.e. from head to toe, coordination and unity is also a major factor in this game along with this it also contributes to the building of muscles and strengthening bones, etc. We have made a Kayak reviews site for you which will help you a lot in gaining information about the best kayaks in the market.

As kayaking is getting more and more popular day by day so it is better to say that it will soon be labeled as a national game of some country. Many people are coming towards this game day by day and when they come, they tend to search for the best kayaks out there and then choose it according to their requirements.

Most people are interested in the kayaks which are not only easy to carry but also have comfortable seating. Kayaking is a great way of going out and feeling the environment the energy that is around us and most of all it’s a way of transporting food in some countries. It also strengthens the core of people.

Kayaks present a very easy and convenient way of transporting i.e. if you can afford it then you make a separate van for their transportation but if you don’t then they are easy to carry on the roof of the cars/ jeeps whatever thing you may have unlike rigid boats they require special transportation services.

What is a Kayak?

People may wonder what is a kayak? Which is pretty basic, so we would like to clear this first of all.

Kayaks are also known as yaks, which means a  small water crafted boat/ship like thing which is propelled by pedals.

Usually, kayaks are covered with the deck having one or more cockpits which consists of a seat for each paddler and everything is protected by a spray deflect which keeps the water out.

There are 2 types of kayaks available in the market i.e. SIK (Sit in Kayak) and the other one is SOT (Sit on Kayak)

In SOT (Sit On Kayak), the paddler sits on the molded-in-depression on top of the kayak. It has a similar hull shape whereas in SIK (Sit Inside Kayak) the paddler sits inside the kayak. The cockpit is covered with a skirt to prevent the entering of water.

BOTH Kayaks are used in different seasons i.e. SOT is mostly preferred in summer or mid-winter whereas SIK is preferred in the winter season.

Some of the best brands of Kayaks out there that you should know about are:

  • Sun Dolphin
  • Ocean Kayaks
  • Intex
  • Sea Eagle
  • Lifetime
  • Perception
  • Sevylor
  • Hobie
  • Vibe Kayaks
  • Riot
  • Old Town

Kayaks are also classified based on their usage i.e. Recreational (Budget-friendly), Fishing, Whitewater Kayaks, Hybrid Kayaks, or Canoe, SUP.

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