The 5 steps before selling your iPhone

iphone 7

Want to get the brand new apple brand jewel? We understand you …

But before giving in to the temptation, you might as well minimize the hole in the wallet by selling the old one.

Once you have decided how to sell your iphone 7 pret , follow these 5 steps to prepare it well and avoid unpleasant surprises!

  1. Save the data

Before selling your iPhone , we advise you to save the data (photos, contacts, messages, levels in games, among others) that you will be happy to transfer to your new acquisition. You can do this through iTunes or iCloud.

iphone 7 pret

To back up your data to iTunes

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer
  • Launch iTunes
  • Select your device
  • Click on Summary
  • Click on This computer
  • Click Save Now

To back up your data on iCloud

  • From your iPhone go to Settings

Choose iCloud

  • Click on Storage and Backup
  • Open iCloud Backup

Then make sure that the backup has been done:

For iTunes, click iTunes at the top left of your screen to bring up the options, then click Preferences. Finally select the Devices tab and you can access the history of your backups.

For iCloud: Go to Settings> iCloud> storage> iCloud> manage storage> select your device. The file should be visible.

  1. Disable the iOS lock

To ensure that the buyer can activate and use your device once you have sold it, it is necessary to deactivate the iOS lock

To do this, go to Settings, select iCloud, then Find my iPhone and deactivate the function.

  1. Remove the SIM card

Using a paper clip or a pointed object (earring, pushpin, needle, etc.), remove the “drawer” containing the SIM card located at the top or on the right side of the device. . To do this, you must plant the tip of your object in the hole provided for this purpose and push until the SIM card drawer comes out. Then remove the SIM card and close the “drawer”

  1. Clear data

After backing up the data on your device, it is now a matter of deleting it so that the buyer does not come across more or less compromising photos or private messages.

Go to Settings , then click on General, then reset and finally delete content and settings

  1. Break the link between your iPhone and Apple

Log into Apple support with your Apple ID.

Select your phone from the list of your devices and choose “Cancel registration” then confirm

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Author: Kenzi Turner