Instagram has become one of the best social media networks on the internet as it has recently hit 1 BILLION users. If you are thinking to share your content to a targeted audience, then it’s a perfect time. Two weeks ago. Instagram launched a mind blowing tool called IGTV. Well, never heard that name before.

IGTV is a tool where you can share video content with your followers. It gives you an opportunity to make your video more detailed that is your video can be from 15 seconds to 1 hour. Those people who were annoyed by the restricted 60 seconds video, they may now be happy to hear about this IGTV.

This IGTV has exploded all over the internet. Creators are presenting their content in a creative manner. In this way, they are getting more followers and likes. Here Instagram and IGTV are both two different apps. You have to download the IGTV app separately. Here are some tips and tricks that you should know while using IGTV for your brand or content.


It is very similar when you post your feed or story on Instagram. Just make sure that you are posting on the peak times when your followers are on the platform.

If you have a business profile, you can check out when your peek engagements are within you insights. This will ensure that your content is being viewed by the majority of your real Instagram followers. Your video content would be exposed to a number of audiences.


This is very important and not so obvious to many people but is to post quality content on your IGTV. The audience wants quality from you. And when it comes to video content. Quality means everything.

This could lead you to have more views, likes, and even comments. If you want to become an IGTV superstar, then you need to invest in your content. Like Instagram posts, you need work really hard when it comes to your IGTV videos. Quality content is more likely to be shared which means more exposure of your content to the targeted audience.


Share your story with call-to-action to go and watch your IGTV video. The swipe feature on Instagram was only available to those bloggers who have more 10,000 subscribers to share their link. But now bloggers have less than 10,000 subscribers can use swipe up feature only to share their IGTV video.

Posting on the story will help you to get more views as the majority of the followers look up to your story. So whenever you upload an IGTV video, just post a call-to-action on your story so that your followers can swipe up to see your IGTV video.

  • DM

You can also DM your IGTV video to different people. You can DM to those people whom you think would appreciate your work.

Using the option of DM can make your IGTV video more viral and exposed to a number of audiences. With this, your video would be shared and you can have more likes and views on your IGTV video.


If you want to get more views on your IGTV videos, then you have to share your IGTV video link to other of your social media network.

There is an option of three dots in the IGTV. Click on it and you’ll see a “copy link” option. Just use that and paste it anywhere you wish to. This will drive more traffic towards your IGTV videos and hence, you will get more views, likes, and comments on your video content.


To get more likes and views, you need to look at your Insight. When it comes to insights, it is very limited. You can see the number of views, likes, and comments you get on your IGTV videos.

Moreover, it counts the views until the person has watched 3 seconds of your video. Now you also get audience retention that you always wanted for your videos on Instagram.



Remember, IGTV is different from youtube. You may say they are both video sharing and creating platforms, but they don’t share similarities. Things that are a success for Youtube videos, might not work with IGTV videos.

IGTV videos can shoot vertically to horizontally. But videos shooted horizontally are not so much pleasing. So stick to the vertical part of the video platform.



It is here finally. External links that can be put in description bar, no more link in bio needed anymore. Facebook, Youtube or twitter whatever link you want your followers to follow on you, can put there. You can also add hashtags to your description bar.


IGTV doesn’t really give you much real state for the video title. If you want to prevent your video from cutting, you need to be creative and concise.

It is recommended to have 18 characters without space and 3 words for your IGTV title. This is the save maximum limit for your title. But there are exceptions. People have used more than 18 character or more than 3 words. But using iPhone and Android mobile, the font size matters so using 18 characters and 3 words are safest for your title.


Although you can put hashtags on your IGTV video and click on it to search for it on Instagram. But when you cannot search any hashtag on IGTV search bar. Everything you have been shown on the screen is the ones whom you follow and the ones that are on popular feeds.

Right now hashtags are not useful for the Instagram followers, they don’t have a meaning on IGTV. But maybe in the future, IGTV may change it and you can search for hashtags.

Author: Kenzi Turner