How to be an independent real estate agent? + Opinions of independent real estate agents

In ICHS Town Islamabad we have the concern to answer your questions, so we start a series of frequently asked questions, What are the best real estate sales techniques or What is real estate marketing?. Today we want to answer a question that we meet very often: How to be an independent real estate agent ?. And we want to share with you several videos with the characteristics of the best independent real estate agents, in addition to telling you the advantages and disadvantages of being an independent real estate agent.

How to be an independent real estate agent?

Since the liberalization of the professional sector in 2000, no specific qualification is necessary to work as an autonomous real estate agent to close deals concerning Islamabad property. While it is true that for a real estate agent to be registered has many advantages, the reality is that it is not even necessary to belong to the Official College of Real Estate Agents to work.
However, as in many other professions, APIs have the imperative of being in continuous training. First by the popular saying of “experience is a degree” and second because only in the exercise of the profession will independent real estate agents be aware of their shortcomings to be solved.

To be an independent real estate agent you first have to take these steps:

  • Sign up as a freelancer
  • Create a real estate business plan
  • Take a course for real estate agent
  • Know the area where you are going to develop the activity
  • Make a real estate marketing plan
  • Design a good website for real estate as Sky Marketing Islamabad
  • Advertise your real estate in online media such as Facebook and Google to attract customers
  • Learn how to capture real estatefor sale
  • Acquire knowledge about Mortgages
  • Know about Valuations
  • Prepare real estate brokerage contracts

Opinions of some independent real estate agents

To be a good agent you have to meet minimum characteristics. We tell you what some of the best real estate franchises in Spain say about the characteristics that must be met to be an independent real estate agent

Engel & Völkers agents

In the first of the videos that we are going to share with you today, it belongs to the prestigious real estate management firm of high-level residential and commercial real estate, the Engel & Völkers franchise

We are struck that all its independent real estate agents highlight the passion for work as one of the key characteristics of a good professional in this sector.

Likewise, and in the face of external perception, the agent’s work is a team work. If you are thinking of being an independent real estate agent, the first thing they recommend is the ability to know how to listen and be advised by fellow professionals, because nobody is born knowing.

Finally, and as an attitude towards life and not only in your facet as an independent real estate agent, the partners of Engel & Völkers highlight proactivity. Getting ahead of the client and his needs, giving a good service and putting himself in the shoes of those who are making a great vital investment are other of his recommendations.

Remax agents

The second of the videos we bring you today is signed by the Remax Spain Group. We don’t need to remind you that it is the world’s number one franchise, with a great presence in our country.

The partners of Remax offer us an unparalleled lesson in the first minutes of this video: independent real estate agents do not work on properties, they belong to their owners, but work for people, always seeking to help them achieve common goals.

Among the features that Remax professionals stand out for being an independent real estate agent are:

  • To have total availability, since the agent’s job does not know about schedules.
  • A deep real estate training, with attendance at events and real estate agent courses.
  • Having designed a business plan and a real estate marketing plan for your company, which will help you attract customers.
  • Have updated customer information in the portfolio, through real estate software.
  • Own a wide network of vendors.
  • Being able to provide information to the client throughout the process.
  • Know in depth the services that will be offered to customers.
  • Be governed by an ethical code that guarantees the professionalism of the agent.

We do not want to stop finishing this post without adding some of the characteristics that as marketing professionals, we observe every day in our work:

·         Have a good website

Today, the great commercial battles are fought on the internet, where a well-optimized real estate website is the first step in approaching customers.

·         Presence in social networks

The current market is based on recommendations, which makes customers go to social networks to find out about products and services that others recommend. That’s where an independent real estate agent can develop an effective presence.

·         Develop content real estate marketing campaigns

A real estate blog where you can show your audience your skills and allow users to reach you through Google.

Advantages and disadvantages of being an independent real estate agent

The advantages of being an independent real estate agent is that you have no schedules, no bosses. You will decide your appointments with clients,…

The disadvantages of being independent is that you will have to take care of everything from signing up as a freelancer, keeping accounts, marketing, advertising, the website, managing appointments, contracts, …



Author: Kenzi Turner