Do you feel like you are making your customers uncomfortable? (Part 2)

As we mentioned in the first part of this note , communication with your customers can easily go from being adequate to being excessive (and often annoying for them). As a real estate agent you must be able to use the tools that technology provides to find a balance. In this second part, we tell you how to get the most out of text messaging as a means of communication in the real estate market .

Texting is neither aggressive nor passive

This is because the vast majority of people do not consider text messages to be annoying, contrary to the perception that one has of the phone calls that are more often considered as an interruption or an intrusion into their lives. In fact, 68% of buy property admit that they send “too many” text messages a day and it is not surprising that surveys reveal that the “phone” function on a Smartphone is up to 5th place in the list of the most popular applications. used. 

We know that at some point things worked out like this. You called a person on the phone if the topic to be discussed warranted a meeting promptly or unexpectedly. If what you have to say to your client is not so urgent as to call him unexpectedly, you had better send them a text message. People spend most of their time next to their cell phones, so sending them a text message will not interfere with the activities they are doing, that way, it is very likely that you will get a prompt response on what you need to discuss, And you will do it without any discomfort, something that would not happen with a voice message or an email.

A voicemail requires more effort on the part of the clients, because they will have to take the time to listen to the message and then return the call and, unless it is something very important, you will not want to generate more work for them. On the other hand, emails are often too passive. We are all flooded with promotional, labor, personal emails, etc., it is very easy for your email with important information to be lost among all that amount.

Texting represents an invaluable opportunity

Unlike emails (which are seen as something you can read or not), text messages are something you should read, there is no option. In 2017, 62% of home buyers were found to prefer to have their agent text property information to them. In addition, this type of messaging has a response rate of 45%, while email has only a 6% range, which means that, in addition to helping you maintain healthy communication with your customers, the use of messaging Text as part of your marketing in capital smart city, tracking and tool to strengthen the relationship you have with your customers will give you a considerable and competitive advantage compared to the use of email.

Finally, recapping the previous points, how can you not become the headache of your clients? First using common sense and being empathetic with them, if in this way you identify something that could be annoying (too aggressive or passive), the most likely thing is that your client feels the same. Modify it! And then follow up through the medium that your client prefers. Progressively you will be the “owner” of the non-intrusive and easy-to-respond world that the text message provides us.


Author: Kenzi Turner