Connor Paddon – A New Genius in The Making


As a child everyone has big dreams of achieving something in life, being something in life but in most cases, those dreams don’t come true due to various factors. We often dream of having some specific talents that can get us by in life, that can possibly make us rich but most of us don’t possess such talents. But there is a very special person called Connor Paddon who has already achieved everything a person can aim for. Connor Paddon is the founder of one of the most famous SEO companies in Canada called SearchBoost.ConnorPaddon

About SEO and SearchBoost

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is a series of methods, techniques, and strategies which help to increase the number of viewers of a website. It does so by obtaining a high ranking placement or increases the publicity of your website on the more renowned search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc.  Connor Paddon’s SearchBoost is one of the first few companies in Canada to implement SEO and is in the top five SEO companies in Canada. SearchBoost is running successfully since 2015 and has helped thousands of people in publicizing their websites.

 Connor Paddon’s works

Apart from being the founder of the famous SEO Company SearchBoost, Connor Paddon has been busy with plenty of other work and has been a founder of plenty of other such companies which help lots of people all round the globe. Connor Padden along with John Paddon and Nirwan Gogna has co founded a venture backed scheduling appointment software called OnSched which basically enhances business through online booking. He has also founded an exotic car rental company in Toronto called VIPExotics. He has also successfully founded over 10 E-commerce companies which have been sold for a grand total of 40-128 thousand US dollars in 4 years.

Fields of Expertise

  • E Commerce marketing – Connor Paddon has consulted many e-commerce businesses and he currently owns an e-commerce company that generates total revenue of 10,000 dollars a month. Thus it is clear that Connor Padden is not only a great entrepreneur but is also a great advisor. He can come up with smart strategies and techniques that can help your e-commerce product to a whole new level.
  • An SEO Expert – SEO has always been Connor Padden’s main field of expertise. Over 50 clients have rated his website as number 1 including some brands that are of international standards. His amazing strategy at implementing SEO has remained since its inception and has lived throughout even through all the google updates.
  • Providing Effective Client Information – For over 3 years Connor Paddon has been working on improving conversation rates amongst people by 20 times or more. He has created tools like Instant quote tool and iDemo to help his cause.

 Starting from creating innovative SEO, to co founding several e-commerce businesses Connor Paddon has done it all only at age of 23. This genius of a man from Toronto Canada is earning in millions and has his own creation in the top 5 SEOs in Canada. Achieving so much at such a tender age is really something to be acknowledged and congratulated.

Author: Kenzi Turner