Comparison of suitcases and travel bags

suitcases and travel bags

There are important differences between travel bags and suitcases. Therefore, it is important to compare and assess which one best fits our needs before buying.

Aspects like the capacity, the material of manufacture and the design are some of the features that differentiate them. Next, we collect your characteristics and the differences between them to help you choose your ideal luggage.

Suitcases and travel bags

The main difference between the suitcase and the ถุงคราฟท์ is the size. Generally, the travel bag is hand-held, ideal for transporting it in the cabin of the plane, or in medium sizes.

On the other hand, the suitcase usually has more options of different sizes.

There is a small suitcase, hand luggage, to take in the cabin or to use as a weekend suitcase, but there are also medium, large and extra large suitcases ideal for carrying luggage even for a family on vacation.

What else makes them different?

Another aspect is the rigidity. The suitcase can be soft, hard and semi-rigid, being currently the most demanded trolley case with wheels for its ease when it comes to moving it. For its part, the travel bag is made of cloth, leather or some other soft and soft material, that is, the travel bags are flexible.

Weight is another determining factor between a suitcase and a ถุงฟอยด์. The travel bag is light, while in a matter of suitcases we can find ultra-light suitcases up to really heavy suitcases.

And when transporting it, what?

As for the wheels, most travel bags are without wheels, although the bags with wheels are also available. Currently, most suitcases have multidirectional wheels , can be two or four and be single or double wheels.

The travel bag can be backpack type, with shoulder strap type or with portable handle. For its part, the suitcase mostly has a side handle and telescopic handle to use in conjunction with the wheels in the case of suitcases with wheels and trolley.

They have different utilities.

The travel bags are for moving luggage, although there are also other types of bags such as gym bags. In the case of suitcases, in addition to travel bags, there are functional suitcases such as the suitcase of tools or the makeup bag. As for designs, there is an irrefutable similarity in the fact that there are both travel bags and suitcases for men, women, children, adolescents and, of course, unisex designs.

Comparison of suitcases and travel bags

Buying a suitcase is not the same as buying a travel bag because they have notable differences. Depending on the activity you are going to do, it will be better to buy one or the other.

If you want a package to go to the gym, travel bags will be the best option, but if what you want is a complement to store your belongings in a trip, the suitcase is the most recommended.

You should also take into account the space you have at home to keep one or the other, since travel bags will always be easier to hide in any corner. Suitcases, on the other hand, are more complicated to store and you must have a space conditioned for it.

Author: Kenzi Turner