Check out this guide for seeing all of Casablanca in one day


The gorgeous Casablanca may be well-known for the espionage mystique and the 1942’s Hollywood movie, but it also booms as a warm travel destination. If you are traveling throughout Morocco in a week, you almost certainly won’t splurge more than a day in Casablanca. Here’re some simple must-dos that’ll get you covered for a day!

Cathedrale Du Sacre Coeur:

Constructed in the year 1930, this place was built by a French architect named Paul Tournon, who also built other well-known churches in France. This cathedral is now open to the general public with art fairs and exhibitions. The establishment is wonderful in itself with skeletal pillars in ivory through the neo-gothic style. It is located a little further from other attractions, so it is shrewd to cab out first then work the way in.

Marche Central:

As the main souk of Casablanca, you can locate everything here: vintage goods, rare spices, gorgeous fabrics, and colorful decor. It is the ideal place for you to show off your bargaining skills and carrying home numerous souvenirs for family. If you get weary of hopping from one seller to the other, then walk some steps over and get a drink at the iconic Transatlantique Hotel (Rue Chaouia), which was constructed in the year 1922 and popular among well-known musicians like Josephine Baker and Edith Piaf.

Hassan II Mosque:

From the Marche Central, get a taxi and go over to the number one main attraction in the city: Hassan II Mosque. Finished in the year 1993, the two hundred and ten meters (six hundred and eighty-nine feet) Masjid rises above the Atlantic sea, which you can also glimpse through the glass floor of the wonderful structure. It welcomes more than a hundred thousand worshippers at the same time. The walls are constructed from the hand-crafted marbles with the minaret at sixty stories in height.

Rick’s Café:

Each town has a vintage, rustic area that juxtaposes itself from the modernity of the city. In blooming Casablanca, this place would be the Old Medina. Here, you will locate structural design stemming from the pre-twentieth century. Mazes of deserted buildings and alleys ooze of traditional charm that today’s tourists crave for. It is the ideal place for getting lost after lunchtime at Rick’s Café, but try not to go to the Old Medina by night in case of undesired danger.

Old Medina of Casablanca:

An ex-American civil servant in the country, Kathy Kriger, started Rick’s Cafe back in the year 2004 for tourists who yearn to revive the much-loved Hollywood movie: Casablanca. The bar/restaurant/cafe is inside a conventional Moroccan mansion with the interior, mainly showing memorabilia and photographs from the movie. Every decoration placement inside the building is a tribute to the movie. Although we acquaint that Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart were not really in Casablanca while filming (the film was totally shot in California), there is no harm in bringing out the traveler in all of us every so often and soak in the best love story ever told.

Bennis Habous:

If you have always desired to try astonishingly delicious Moroccan pastries, then you have to stop at the Bennis Habous. It is frequently contemplated as the best pastry store in Morocco. Surely grub on the Gazelle Horns or Hornes des Gazelles, which are almond paste whiffed with cinnamon and orange flower water molded into a crescent. When they are baked until golden, the flavor turns like sweet heaven.

Musee Abderrahman Slaoui:

This place was opened in 2012 by Abderrahman Slaoui. He was a businessman, art collector, and enthusiast. If you are a fan of vintage jewels and art pieces by Dinet and Marjolle, then you will desire to stop at the Musee Abderrahman Slaoui. It is inside the art deco structure from the 1940s, and it has personal art collections of Slaoui from all across the globe in the span of over 50 years. It is a twenty-minute walk from the Old Medina.


A short 10-minute taxi ride away (thirty minutes by foot) from the Musee Abderrahman Slaoui, you will locate a reasonably priced but really amazing Moroccan restaurant: Zayna. This place is local and offers the best coucous in the city. For ten to twenty-five USD, you can have a taste of real Moroccan cuisine. Make certain to place your order of a round of conventional mint tea after having dinner.

Ain Diab:

Here is an option you can go for any time throughout your day! Hitting the beach in the city is also getting a taste of the version of 90210 of town or Miami. Once you are at the Hassan II Masjid, you can take a 10-minute cab ride to la Corniche, the city’s well-liked beachfront. Since the atmosphere is warm all year in the country, locals like flocking to this place. Do not be astonished if you see masses of travelers or restaurants and chain stores. If you like a little more privacy on the seashore, then keep on walking south on the Boulevard de l’Océan Atlantique.

Author: Kenzi Turner