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How to be an independent real estate agent? + Opinions of independent real estate agents

In ICHS Town Islamabad we have the concern to answer your questions, so we start a series of frequently asked questions, What are the best real estate sales techniques or What is real estate marketing?. Today we want to answer a question that we meet very often: How to be an independent real estate agent ?. And we want to share with you several videos with the characteristics of the best independent real estate agents, in addition to telling you the advantages and disadvantages of being an independent real estate agent.

How to be an independent real estate agent?

Since the liberalization of the professional sector in 2000, no specific qualification is necessary to work as an autonomous real estate agent to close deals concerning Islamabad property. While it is true that for a real estate agent to be registered has many advantages, the reality is that it is not even necessary to belong to the Official College of Real Estate Agents to work.
However, as in many other professions, APIs have the imperative of being in continuous training. First by the popular saying of “experience is a degree” and second because only in the exercise of the profession will independent real estate agents be aware of their shortcomings to be solved.

To be an independent real estate agent you first have to take these steps:

  • Sign up as a freelancer
  • Create a real estate business plan
  • Take a course for real estate agent
  • Know the area where you are going to develop the activity
  • Make a real estate marketing plan
  • Design a good website for real estate as Sky Marketing Islamabad
  • Advertise your real estate in online media such as Facebook and Google to attract customers
  • Learn how to capture real estatefor sale
  • Acquire knowledge about Mortgages
  • Know about Valuations
  • Prepare real estate brokerage contracts

Opinions of some independent real estate agents

To be a good agent you have to meet minimum characteristics. We tell you what some of the best real estate franchises in Spain say about the characteristics that must be met to be an independent real estate agent

Engel & Völkers agents

In the first of the videos that we are going to share with you today, it belongs to the prestigious real estate management firm of high-level residential and commercial real estate, the Engel & Völkers franchise

We are struck that all its independent real estate agents highlight the passion for work as one of the key characteristics of a good professional in this sector.

Likewise, and in the face of external perception, the agent’s work is a team work. If you are thinking of being an independent real estate agent, the first thing they recommend is the ability to know how to listen and be advised by fellow professionals, because nobody is born knowing.

Finally, and as an attitude towards life and not only in your facet as an independent real estate agent, the partners of Engel & Völkers highlight proactivity. Getting ahead of the client and his needs, giving a good service and putting himself in the shoes of those who are making a great vital investment are other of his recommendations.

Remax agents

The second of the videos we bring you today is signed by the Remax Spain Group. We don’t need to remind you that it is the world’s number one franchise, with a great presence in our country.

The partners of Remax offer us an unparalleled lesson in the first minutes of this video: independent real estate agents do not work on properties, they belong to their owners, but work for people, always seeking to help them achieve common goals.

Among the features that Remax professionals stand out for being an independent real estate agent are:

  • To have total availability, since the agent’s job does not know about schedules.
  • A deep real estate training, with attendance at events and real estate agent courses.
  • Having designed a business plan and a real estate marketing plan for your company, which will help you attract customers.
  • Have updated customer information in the portfolio, through real estate software.
  • Own a wide network of vendors.
  • Being able to provide information to the client throughout the process.
  • Know in depth the services that will be offered to customers.
  • Be governed by an ethical code that guarantees the professionalism of the agent.

We do not want to stop finishing this post without adding some of the characteristics that as marketing professionals, we observe every day in our work:

·         Have a good website

Today, the great commercial battles are fought on the internet, where a well-optimized real estate website is the first step in approaching customers.

·         Presence in social networks

The current market is based on recommendations, which makes customers go to social networks to find out about products and services that others recommend. That’s where an independent real estate agent can develop an effective presence.

·         Develop content real estate marketing campaigns

A real estate blog where you can show your audience your skills and allow users to reach you through Google.

Advantages and disadvantages of being an independent real estate agent

The advantages of being an independent real estate agent is that you have no schedules, no bosses. You will decide your appointments with clients,…

The disadvantages of being independent is that you will have to take care of everything from signing up as a freelancer, keeping accounts, marketing, advertising, the website, managing appointments, contracts, …



How to Capture Real Estate with Speed and Professionalism

No Say Yes to Every Owner Who Offers You a Property for Sale.

This week I received 2 emails from real estate agents who want to know how to capture real estate differently. They are tired of dealing with ungrateful and uncompromising owners and with an increasingly unfair and unprofessional competition.

I have the solution. A strategy that I have put into practice on multiple occasions with independent agents and in real estate agencies with excellent results, between 4 – 12 properties including Blue World City captured in 1 month, depending on the size of the promotional campaign.

In addition, this strategy includes capturing exclusive properties . I will illustrate this strategy with a brief true story that is happening precisely now, while you read this post.

But before going into detail, I must say that I have always been against going out to capture exclusive properties without further ado, without a recruitment plan .

It is necessary to prepare a plan that clearly specifies what type of real estate to capture and how many real estate should be captured per month and allocate a collection budget for social networks and content marketing.

The approach that this plan should contain is to generate profits and not focus only on the number of sales. The better properties captured and sold, the greater the benefit.

Clarified this controversial point, we tell the story of the real estate agency that captures 1-2 properties each week exclusively and at market price.

How to Capture Real Estate, Many Real Estate at Market Price and Exclusivity.

The real estate agency of our history is in Buenos Aires , has 3 commercials and began implementing this recruitment strategy last March. Currently they capture an average of 1-3 homes a week of which, always, choose 1 property, maximum 2 a week to sell. This is part of the strategy; of how to capture real estate.

Let’s first discuss how this real estate agency captures real estate and then how they negotiate the sale with the owner.

The most productive way of how to capture real estate is for the owner to come to you instead of you going to him; So this strategy is based on this premise. To get the owners to contact the agency, the commercials prepared:

 Step nº.1.- a series of 3 different Information Guides with relevant and interesting information for the owners who wish to sell their home in Buenos Aires. One for homes, another for commercial premises and another for offices and other market prices by areas of Buenos Aires.

It took them 2 weeks to prepare only 1 of these ebooks, because it should contain quality information and if possible little known by the property owners.

Step 2.- They offered to the owners a free and professional valuation of their property without any commitment or offer the free download of any of their Information Guides.

The cost of each valuation for the agency represents about $ 40 dollars per valuation. I refer to a professionally conducted and presented assessment. An assessment of this type always helps to put the property on the market with a fair price for all parties.

Step 3.- They  prepared amonthly Facebook campaign where they offer the free download of any of these Informative Guides. The monthly budget for Facebook is around $ 300 dollars a month , investing $ 10 dollars a day. The content and design of the ads is changed every 15 days.

To this campaign another one is added on YouTube . 4 videos were recorded with recommendations and tips for owners and uploaded to YouTube. Only 1 video is promoted each month at an average cost of $ 0.04 cents per click. Quite profitable to have a fixed campaign per month.

The total budget of the recruitment campaign is around $ 450 per month between Facebook and YouTube. An important amount, but profitable. Let’s say that capturing an exclusive property at a market price tells the agency between $ 30 and $ 55 dollars.

The response to these advertising actions is being very positive; Around 4-6 requests a week from owners who want to sell their house, their flat and even companies that want to sell some property.

How to Capture Real Estate: When the Negotiation Arrives.

Of all the requests, the real estate agency selects which owner they can work with and then selects if their property offers a good sales commission . They select the owner and then the property; and not vice versa. You are looking for an owner with whom you can work comfortably and do not conflict when the intermediation of that property is negotiated; That is the second part of the strategy.

In addition, there is the cost of the valuation that must be maintained at a maximum of 2 appraisals per week to avoid getting out of budget.

The negotiation is based on the win-win system. The agency explains to the owner, (with a script already prepared), why he needs to sell his property exclusively and at market price ; that is to say without putting an initial price and then having to bargain with the interested buyer.

Only owners who accept  their way of doing business are signed and sign an exclusive service provision contract for 6 months, (avoid the word “intermediation”).  With this way of proceeding, with this strategy, the owners see so much professionalism in the agency, that they do not wish to have deals with other agents. The signing of the exclusive contract is quick and the sales prices are always appropriate to the market at that time.

This happens when the owners are well selected.

The real estate agency of Buenos Aires earns this professionalism, presenting to the client before signing the intermediation contract, a complete dossier with the characteristics of their property, including a floor plan made to scale with software they have acquired, (price of the app about $ 25 dollars) , and a good description of the house that does justice to the house and justifies the price that is requested for it.

When the owners receive this excellent dossier, they know they are in good hands and sign the contract without problems.

Does the agency sell these properties quickly? The average sales time of the real estate agency of Buenos Aires is 4 months. They get it, because they only select the properties to sell and do not capture everything they offer. It’s more; The agency has a number determining the benefits you wish to receive per month.

Once they reach that figure, they don’t get anything else. Sometimes they stop advertising on Facebook and YouTube for the rest of the month, with the consequent savings in advertising.

The agency is interested in selling fast; Do not capture good properties to have them in your portfolio.

The agency gives personalized attention to each property they capture. Having a lot of property is counterproductive, because they could not allocate the appropriate budget to each of them.

They can get more, but they are aware that the important thing is not to have many properties in their portfolio, but to focus on selling the property they have captured quickly .

If you wanted to know how to capture real estate quickly and effectively, here is the strategy. And this is not the only one. This real estate agency in Buenos Aires is working very well and surely this week has received at least 2 requests for information from owners who want to sell their property.

How to capture real estate Pakistan Plan before Acting.

You can not go out there to capture with much enthusiasm and little brain . To knock from door to door or leave tickets or leaflets in the goals and mailboxes of the buildings. You have to prepare and follow a plan.

Some of the real estate agents who contact me to know how to capture real estate , want a strategy or tricks to get results next week . These agents live in an unreal world and do not want to leave their comfort zone. Your problem is not the acquisition; Your problem is your business model, the way you work. The lack of a catchment plan.

These are the steps that should be followed, (in summary form),  to capture with efficiency and profitability:

Step nº.1.- Decide which Real Estate to Collect. To capture real estate effectively, you need to prepare a strategy that begins by knowing what kind of real estate you are interested in, how many of each type and in what areas .

If you go out to capture trying to cover everything they offer you, you will end up not selling much. Sadly, this concept is not understood by some real estate agents.

Step 2.- Know your Territory. The following is to know well the area where you capture: the average prices of the houses in the areas of that territory depending on the characteristics of each property. You need to prepare a property valuation by zones, or at least by the most important areas.

Step 3.- Focus on Capturing Owners; no properties. You must establish some terms and conditions of collection to offer them to the owner. You must know what to say to the owner to convince him . Your goal is to capture, first at market price and second exclusively. It is useless to capture exclusively if the property is not captured at market price.

Step 4.- Get the Owner to come to you. Prepare the online marketing strategy to get the owner to contact you, because he perceives that you are a good alternative to sell your property quickly and at the best price. You can implement the campaigns on Facebook and YouTube that we mentioned in 1 week and at a reasonably low cost.

Keep in mind that investing about $ 40 dollars for each property captured exclusively and at market price is a fairly low cost.

Step 5.- Take the Property Data. It is necessary to know how to take the data of a property to know it well and subsequently create an adequate description that does justice to that property. Here also comes to take the photographs correctly. Recording a video of the property is even better.

Step 6.- Post-Recruitment Strategy.  You must prepare a plan to keep in touch with the owner weekly. You need to maintain the trust that the owner has placed in you. You should plan what information to deliver during this period by email and in person.

These are the steps to follow to capture real estate with high profitability and get that, as time goes by, owners contact you for your marketing actions and especially for references of other owners. How to capture real estate is not difficult as long as you implement a plan.


The Soft launching occasion of ICHS TOWN Islamabad has been renowned. After soft-launch celebrated on Tuesday, the society announced the payment strategies to the brokers and the actual estate. It is very useful to this point of view to the rate of interest and project improvements.


The payment plan is Very Helpful for new or seasoned This endeavor is a golden chance for men and women that wish to have a measure to initiate a company by an ordinary investment. They can purchase a storyline here and resell it to find a sensible profit . We consult with them to avail of the opportunity and come and find a better place. The very first come and first served principle will be followed as well as the dinner place will charge little more to your greater place. But it’ll not be a issue to pay the modest additional amount as you’ll find the plot of this very best place.


The Location of the endeavor is on Malot Road at Zone IV of The national capital.

The land getting for Stage I will be already completed and three. Stages will be launched together with the passing of time. The stages will have homes and farmhouses. Essentially, society has employed for no denying certification NOC which isn’t issued yet and certainly will probably be shortly handover into the society in the CDA. The job of civic jurisdiction is under procedure.

Capital development ability was declared on their website


The Job of Society is moving on and also the building of Its streets is continuing to create its clients comfortable. Society is going to be built up over 2.5 decades. It is also possible to observe some hottest pictures of society on its own site. It won’t formally announce that the date of this project launching. And there’s also 1 thing that you ought to know about it, that’s if you’re going to reserve any plot but storyline amounts won’t ever give to you till the society isn’t properly launched. Should you belong to some other city like Lahore and you also need to buy the storyline and want to put money into the job of Park View city Islamabad therefore there’s a simple way to reserve your own plot. You do not need to see the most important office in Islamabad you simply must stop by the sub-office in Lahore belonged to the society.


This project includes only 1 difficulty facing right now that is the NOC and naturally, it’ll be approved shortly.


Society will pay for most of the requirements of the projected Project shortly. So let us see just how many investors will present their curiosity after its growth process, actually, plenty of people are taking interest in this society and are excited to invest inside for improved company. They could see a bright future in this undertaking and the wise individuals have an intense wait for its own development and possessions.


Want to Know More About Overseas Block of Capital Smart City?

Capital Smart City Location is thought to be ideal from investment standpoint. Furthermore, the residential areas are structured with the very same passion as the public locations. It is going to be a city of pure vistas and scenery.

The capital smart city stipulates the distinctive facilities of better accommodation, beautiful place, and a peaceful atmosphere. It aiming to provide a profitable opportunity to Pakistanis to invest in Pakistan. Likewise, it urges to provide standard lifestyles for them so they may feel like they are home. It is designed to be an eco-friendly housing project.

It is planned to be an eco-friendly housing project that will provide excellent residential and business opportunities to its residents. It also has an investment plan considering the comfort of its residents. According to reports, DHA smart city is going to be the very first commercial hub within this region and will generate approximately 90,000 jobs in the region.

Unique varieties of sensors and smart switches will allow you to control everything in your house including temperature, appliances, windows and doors from your cell phone. CCTV cameras and facial recognition will be set up particularly for the security of all residents. General block holders aren’t included in the very first balloting, so now the decision is yours.

In conclusion, you don’t need to go anywhere in the event of health emergencies. It’s also among the most significant block.

Commercial Plots are offered on 3 years easy installment program. If you wish to purchase an industrial plot, you’ll need to pay some profit along with 20% down payment. The residential and industrial plots in addition to the villas can be purchased on an easy 36-months installment program.

Segregation of sectors is essential for a proper and far better lifestyle. The staring of an intelligent city in Islamabad is a huge achievement. The place is an attractive complex of company and leisure.

As stated by the recent prices given below, it’s an excellent time to spend if you’re attempting to discover a chance for handsome ROI. Development work is presently under progress on a location of approx. 25000 Kanal.

There is likewise an attempt to introduce DHA into the city. If you’re also searching for lucrative investment opportunities, you can think about investing within this city.

The distinctive and challenging golf course was designed by IDG in the United Kingdom. It is going to be capable of serving 15 million passengers annually. It is going to be open for booking in two or three weeks.

Finding Overseas Block of Capital Smart City on the Web

A payment program may be the most significant point to think about while purchasing a plot. Inside this blog, you will locate all the payment plans of Capital Smart City, new and old, and the newest market price of the majority of popular files.

Capital smart city Islamabad payment program is quite easy. Money is the principal hurdle. There is likewise an elaborate plan to set up top-notch healthcare facilities. The role of incorporating ICTs is to improve the functioning of services. The home requirement here is rising day by day and you will see Lot of jobs which want to address that situation.